Alpha Sigma Phi at WVU

About the Project – Suggest a Space

How do we live and what does it say about us?

The WhereWVULives project was devised by the West Virginia University’s Media Innovation Center’s XPJRL class to answer the question, “How do students live?”

Matterport lent us 3D modeling cameras to explore their use in storytelling, allowing us to create virtual tours of interior spaces in a matter of hours.

Recent development in Morgantown has provided WVU students with a number of housing options, and we are using Matterport cameras to create environmental portraits of these spaces as part of a growing project depicting student life. What’s a need versus a luxury? Do we need granite countertops in our kitchen or do we even need a kitchen at all? How does on-campus housing differ from off?

Tell us who has the best: 

  • WVU super fan house?
  • Who lives in the tiniest space? Or biggest?
  • Who has decorated their house to show off their passions? This is wide open — from hunting to Star Wars to collecting rocks… you tell us.
  • Who lives in the most surprising place — like a tree house or a converted garage?
  • Who has the best man-cave?
  • Who lives in the dirtiest, ickiest, you-wouldn’t-want-your-dog-sleep-there kind of place?
  • Who lives in a place worthy of Donald Trump?

Tell us: Join in the conversation @WVUMediaInno using #WhereWVULives

— Justin Hayhurst, @justin_hayhurst
WVU Reed College of Media graduate student and project leader