Three College Students & A Candy Wrapper Wall

“It was one day when we had some boxes piled up, we didn’t get a chance to take the trash out… ”

— Steven Farrell, Senior WVU student

“A lot of college students have beer walls. I said to my roommate it would it would be cool if we made a food wall, do something different, and Garrett just went with it, thus birthing the food wall,” Steven said. He and his roommates Senior Garrett Yurisko and Ronald Finney have been living together for three years now.  Steven spoke for the three:

Did your apartment come furnished? It did come furnished, but we had the option to do unfurnished.

How much do you pay for rent? About $420 including  utilities

What do you love most about Chatteau apartments? The activity center

Would you recommend this complex to another student? I would, it’s a great complex because its right in between Evansadale and Downtown campus. You can catch the nightly PM bus, and the PRT [student monorail is a 10 minute walk. It’s pretty quiet, rent is affordable, and we have our own gym, upstairs recreation center with pool tables, ping pong, a pool and volleyball court.

What is your favorite candy bar? Cereal? My favorite candy bar is white chocolate Kit-Kat. Favorite cereal is a tie between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and French Toast Crunch.

— Shaleah Ingram
Senior, West Virginia University
May 2016