Three Women & 222 Delta Elephants

“My favorite thing about Domain would probably be the pool and reliable shuttle” — Asya Cureton

When the three roommates, Dejia Braxton, Asya Cureton, and Shaleah Ingram met it was through the WVU Competitive Cheer Club. “We were all looking for roommates at the time and barely knew each other but some how we figured living together would make everything easier with riding to practices,” said Shaleah. “Although none of us are still cheerleading we have been roommates at the Domain for two years now.”

Decorating styles vary, for  Dejia, “My room was simple, purple! I have an obsession with the color purple. I have a Paris theme going on in my bathroom because I loved Paris when I went to visit one spring break.”

Asya’s room in crimson and creme uses the colors of her sorority Delta Sigma Theta.  Delta’s unofficial mascot, the elephant, can be found everywhere. Delta’s collect elephants since one of the founders of DST was fond with the animal. It’s a tradition that once you cross as a member the first 22 elephants that you acquire must be gifts.

How much is rent? $535 per person, utilities not included.  Note – the price ranges depending when you sign a lease, could be more or less. We were grandfathered into the price.

What is your favorite part about living here?

Dejia: I really like the pool and the dog park is right out my window, so I can watch all the cute babies play at the park.

Asya: I chose to live at the Domain because I loved how nice and clean it looked. They also have so many amenities. My favorite thing would probably be the pool, clubhouse, and reliable shuttle service.

Shaleah: The shopping center and movie theatre is right there in front of the Domain, living at the Domain you’re secluded and you can kind of see everything from the top view. I can even see the WVU Coliseum (where the basketball, volleyball and gymnastics host events).

How many people live here? Four, one has since moved out and the room is vacant because we have individual leases.

How far from Downtown campus? 15 minutes without traffic (we use the shuttle service)

Who is Asya? Asya Cureton is a New Jersey native and graduating senior. Asya is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority with a MDS in sociology, communication, and philosophy.

Who is Dejia? Dejia Braxton is a Virginia native, and junior studying forensic science with a minor in criminology. In her free time she enjoys watching the Investigative Discovery Channel, she also enjoys spending time with her friends, and boyfriend.

Who is Shaleah? Shaleah Ingram is Pennsylvania native, and graduating senior studying Broadcast Journalism at WVU. Shaleah is the President of the Radio Television Digital News Association club at WVU. In her free time she enjoys hanging with family/friends, working out, and shopping.

–Shaleah Ingram
Senior, West Virginia University
May 2016