35 Sisters & A Marble Fireplace

“I have lived here for the past three years, and today I’m moving out, I really cannot believe it, “Alyssa Lazar said as she placed a glitter incrusted paddle in a box. Her desk included a tower of shelves filled with knickknacks, notes, and inspirational quotes. Lazar is a senior psychology, English major and is attending Duquesne Law School in the fall.

What’s your favorite part about living in the house? It would have to be living in a house with 34 of your closest girlfriends, when else is that acceptable in your life?

What is your favorite memory you can recall from living in the house? Some of my favorite times have been after chapter on Sundays. We would all come back to the house and hangout in the front rooms and talk for hours. I’ve created so many awesome memories in this house; I’m going to miss it a little bit.

How did you decide to decorate your space? Before I moved in my sophomore year I talked to my roommates a little bit about what color scheme we wanted to go with. The house had just gotten a fresh coat of paint, so we picked out this light green color in my first room. I got a neutral comforter so I could change my décor depending on what color room I was in. I also am a fan of very natural, neutral colors because they are more relaxing. As a double major and studying for the LSAT this past year, she’s been pretty busy.

What do you like best about living at this location?  I think the proximity to campus. We are right across the street from the library so it’s super convenient to pop over when it’s a little too hard to focus in the house. Also, we’re basically right on campus, so it only takes a few minutes to walk to any of the classrooms on the downtown campus.

Is there anything you dislike about living I the house? Privacy. It’s a big house but with 30 some girls at any given time, it can be a little overwhelming. I was lucky enough to live in a double the past two years, so my roommate and I are pretty good about giving each other some alone time.


By Kelsey Staggers
Senior, West Virginia University
May 2016