A Colorblind Boy & A Bookshelf Forest

“As for housing in Morgantown: it’s a joke.”

Travis Kent is a 25-year-old English major at WVU who has built himself a quiet reading nook in the middle of downtown Morgantown. He often uses apartment to host wine night workshops with his writer friends. Those who visit are astounded by both his book collection and his neon green rug. Travis thinks his collection could grow, and, being colorblind, sees his statement rug as gray grass. He takes their word for it though.

“I had moved to an apartment on Spruce St. but the noise from traffic driving by was unbearable. I found this place because it was close by the Spruce St. apartment but further away from all the Spruce St. traffic,” Travis said.

How did you decide to decorate your living space? My most noticeable decoration is probably the bookshelves. I have five tall bookshelves and two shore bookshelves, all of them full with books to the point I will have to buy another shelf soon. Other decorations come in the form of movie or TV show posters. In my bedroom, which has hardwood floors, I have a gray carpet with long strands that resemble grass. It used to be my sister’s and I constantly find things like necklaces or beads hidden in the threads. (Editor’s note: His carpet is green, but to Travis it is gray since he is colorblind.)

What do you think about housing in Morgantown? As for housing in Morgantown, it’s a joke. They quality of construction here is horrible in houses and even semi-older apartment buildings. The upkeep on older houses is horrible. I have been to many houses with holes through the walls or floors. It took my landlord over a year to replace the front door, which had no weather stripping and had a crack running through half of it. I used to see daylight coming through it.

Distance from WVU? Less than one mile; about a five minute walk.

What’s the rent? $545 with utilities included

How many people live here? 1

— Lindsay Terlikowski
Senior, West Virginia University
May, 2016