Two Nerds & A Wall of Tools

“We’re not shy to show off that we’re both engineers.”

—Dalton Okel

When Dalton Okel and Will Howard met at the West Virginia Youth Science Camp four years ago, they didn’t think they would reconnect later, especially as college roommates. Their room is more of a trophy case; when they leave their door open, fellow freshmen in Honors Hall can’t help but peek in at the delicately arranged string lights, the complex Lego creations, or the dozens of hand tools hanging on the wall.

“It’s one of the most convenient dorms on campus,” Dalton said. “All the students here are focused on getting their academics complete.”

Why keep all the tools on the wall? Will: I like having things easily accessible. I have a tool bag in the closet. If there’s something that’s broken, I can grab pliers off the wall and fix it. If I had a home, I’d maybe confine everything to one room and be organized. This is more temporary.

What’s with all the Legos? Will: When I was in elementary and middle school, I was involved in Lego robotics. At home, our guest room is the Lego room. We’ve amassed quite a collection.

How many people live here? Two per room, 364 total residents.

How much does it cost? $9,194 per year for a double room in Honors Hall.

—Jen Skinner
Sophomore, West Virginia University
April 2016