An Artist & His Black Cat

“I guess I’ve learned to like even the things I don’t like about this place. They help me grow.”

Patrick Bayly, 22, a Fine Arts major and painter, lives in Morgantown with his little black cat, Ollie. Patrick says this house is the center of his life.

“It’s a cool old house close to my classes, and the sunsets are particularly beautiful through my bedroom window,” Patrick said. “However, there are heavy trucks that run on the road just outside, starting every morning at 3:30AM. It took a long time to learn to sleep through that. Sometimes I get sick of my roommates and the messes, but I’ve just learned to clean and get over it.”

What’s the rent? $340 per person, utilities included. ($1020/month total)

How many people live here? Three.

How did you decide to decorate your space?

Most of the large furniture was given to us or we found [it] on sidewalks. The little things have accumulated as gifts or sweet finds over the past three years through our daily experiences. The only decorating project we’ve done was the coffee table, which we covered in cement and bottle caps collected from our last house. We just thought it would be cool, and I still think it is.

What do you think about the neighborhood?

We’ve never had too much interaction with our direct neighbors, but the neighborhood and community here in Greenmont is wonderful. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Housing in Morgantown is another matter altogether. You have two options as I see it: Slumlords or Big Boys. You can find some disgusting, affordable place, or go to the university or one of its competitors to pay $1200 a month for a single with cardboard walls and plastic floors. Somehow, we got lucky with Pearend (our landlords). We found a nice, old house at a great rate, and they’ve helped us out tremendously.

— Rae Hu
West Virginia University
April 2016