Two Women & White Space

“It’s very convenient since it’s very close to downtown campus, but sometimes it’s very hard to walk uphill.”


 Miyuki and Nao are exchange students from Nagoya, Japan living in Arnold.
They don’t put too much effort into putting up decorations—they do not think there is a point in decorating the room if they are going to be living there for only a year. However, they still get the feeling of “coming back home” after they return from break.

“For exchange students, we only have two options, either I (International) house or Arnold apartment,” Miyuki said.

What’s the rent? $546 per person, utilities included.

How many people live here?  Two.

Why and how did you choose this place? Miyuki: First I wanted to live in the International house, [but] the stuff made a mistake. I sent them a lot of email, but they didn’t reply, [and] automatically I have to live in this apartment.

—By Rae Hu
Exchange Student, West Virginia University
April 2016