One Vine Star & Granite Countertops

   “I love the size of my place — much more room for being an idiot.”

— Adda Boi, Vine star

With granite countertops, exposed ventilation, and other deluxe amenities, Vine star and sophomore marketing student, “Adda Boi”, couldn’t be happier with his 1,840 sq. ft. space.

“I pretty much do whatever comes to my head, regardless of how stupid I look. Vine pretty much does that to you,” he said. “My place gives me a lot of room to mess around and make stupid videos — but without losing quality of living. I couldn’t live anywhere else at this point.”

Who is Adda Boi? Adda Boi is an alias that I created specifically for Vine and Twitter. My cousin, Nick Colletti, is very popular online (1.8 M followers) and used the alias “YUNG TURD” when we made music together. As his fame inflated, he felt the next step was to reveal his name to all of his fans. I’m not quite at that level, so I only tell people my first name, which is Nate.

How did you decide to decorate your living space? Decide? Ha, well the upstairs definitely wasn’t purposeful — it’s typically much cleaner. As for the downstairs, we just try to make sure that our house is clutter-free. Our fridge is the only exception: the uglier the fridge artwork, the better. It’s usually covered in obscene, immature “art,” but we recently cleaned it for a change of pace. Also, we typically leave the fountain on in the living room since it sounds so relaxing — it’s a great break from the constant stupidity. I also really love that we’re in a penthouse. We have a fantastic view from the balcony, and we never have to worry about annoying neighbors above us–sucks for the people below us, though!

What’s the rent: $515 per person, utilities included.

How many people live here? Four.

How many Vine loops and followers does Adda Boi have? Too many. As of May 2016, Adda Boi had 209,400 followers and 161, 498,367 loops.

How many Vines were created in your apartment? As of now, I’ve made 12 Vines inside my apartment. I didn’t give Vine my all this semester like I had hoped, but I have much more time this summer. Stay tuned!

— Davey Robinson
Sophomore, West Virginia University
April 2016