One Guy & A Bathroom/Kitchen Journey


“I’m used to it, it’s interesting background noise.”


The echoes of drunken exchanges and the click-clack of girls’ high heels as they walk down High street are sounds senior print Journalism major, Corey McDonald, 22, has become accustomed to as he settles in bed for the night. In fact, he finds it comforting. It’s a small price he has to pay to be in the center of it all and have easy access to what Morgantown’s nightlife has to offer.

What’s the rent? $415, utilities included. Usually have to pay for the electric, no more than $15.

How close are you to campus? Five minute walk to downtown campus, and a 15 minute PRT ride to the Evansdale campus.

What are your hobbies?  Going out downtown with friends, playing pool, watching TV shows, reading books, and listening to music.

Most Intriguing? The kitchen and bathroom are across the hall from the rest of his apartment. He has to walk out of his front door, across the hall, and to a room that opens up into a small kitchen connected with a bathroom.

—Hailey Truman
Senior, West Virginia University
April 2016