Four Partiers & A Christmas Tree

“That’s where the memories come from, the living room.”

–CJ Harvey

Christmas lights along the ceiling, a Christmas tree covered with beer ornaments in the entrance way, posters covering a majority of the walls, and alcohol bottles perfectly aligned on the cabinets. This the sight that four juniors come home to everyday. CJ, Mason, Copper, and Corrie, best friends since high school, make their space feel as much like home as possible. Avid party go-ers, they often throw parties for the neighborhood, and record each one by having people sign the top of a table next to the beer tree.

“The big red couch in the room was my family’s when I still lived in Charleston. I had my first kiss on that couch. I can’t say I was the only one to make out with someone on that thing, but it’s been a bed, the center of our ‘living lounge’, and a piece of my childhood. It’s been a part of the best and worst times in our apartment,” CJ said.

What’s the rent? $595 per person, utilities included.

How many people live here? Four.

How many beer cans? 100+

Best Party Theme? Ugly Christmas Sweater

What’s the best party souvenir or memory? We plan on sending our pong table around like a pair of traveling pants. It’s been our baby from the beginning of the year. Since our first party, we’ve had everyone sign the plastic board. It’s brought nothing but good luck to our apartment, and it’s become more of a pickup line if anything – “Hey, want to sign our pong table and chill?”


–Hailey Truman
Senior, West Virginia University
April 2016