Three Guys & A Granny Chair


“It used to be my grandmother’s house, so I came here often when I was growing up. In that sense, it feels very familiar.”

No one ever expects to live in their grandmother’s house during college, much less expect any freedom in doing so. However, for these three guys, they have been able to create a bachelor pad out of what appears to be the set of Golden Girls. The grandmother doesn’t live with them, but one still expects the smell of freshly baked cookies when they walk in.

“My grandmother’s stuff is still in the house, so a lot of the decoration comes from not putting that stuff away. But, we have also brought all of our younger-person junk into the house, so our things fill whatever space is left.”

What’s the rent? $120 per person.

How many people live here? Three.

What’s it like living here? It’s cheap, the neighborhood is very quiet, [and] there are places to walk and enjoy nature. The only real problem is the distance from campus, but I usually bike, so it doesn’t matter.

What are your hobbies? Guitar, piano, percussion, art, records, astronomy, and PlayStation 2.

— Kara Loyd
Senior, West Virginia University
April 2016

*These subjects, for privacy reasons, requested to remain anonymous.*