Four Guys & A Ghost

“The trick to a ghost is not to acknowledge it. The moment you acknowledge it, you’ve lost the battle. That’s how horror movies start.”

— Ben Wasser

Weird, unexplained things happen in the middle of the night in this house. These students believe there’s a simple answer — regular visits from Timmy Kendall, the ghost of Dayton Street. Hear about it in their own words:

Even with the extra roommate, is this home?

“Yeah, this is my home. This is where all my shit is.”  — Dan Weber

“I consider this to be more home than Maryland… Yeah, this is my home now.” — Ben Wasser

“I think I have two homes, but the one in Annapolis is irreplaceable.” — Sampson Oldale

“I consider my home in Annapolis my true home because that’s where all my loved ones are.” — Zach Schalge

What’s the rent: $525/person, utilities included ($2100/month total).

What’s the worst thing about living here? Everything is great except when you are walking to class — It’s uphill both ways. It’s awful,” Zach Schalge said.

— Rachel Teter
Sophomore, West Virginia University
April 2016